Security Transformation (SX)

Security Transformation (SX) is a transformative exercise that provides the very security umbrella, which an organization will find it imperative to undertake when digitally transforming their organization to not only survive but thrive in an extremely competitive environment. While digitally transforming one’s organization offers enormous business potential, the path to its realization is far from easy, especially with threats and risks stemming from a Cyber Security perspective.

As such, undertaking Security Transformation in tandem to Digital Transformation is also of great importance. It is a clarion call to re-think traditional security strategies and tactics, as it is no longer capable of effectively preventing cyber threats and risks as we have seen with recent incidents like Equifax and Bad Rabbits making the headlines yet again.

About 2018 Fortinet 361° Security – Southeast Asia and Hong Kong

Now in its 7th year, 361° Security is Fortinet’s annual cybersecurity event where cybersecurity professionals congregate for a day of sharing, bringing our attendees up to speed with current trends focusing on the impact brought about by disruptive technologies that is radically changing every aspect of our economic, social and cultural development. This year, Fortinet will be sharing with them how they can confidently ride the digital transformation wave and not put it at mercy of cybersecurity risks.

FortiGuard Labs, Fortinet’s global leader in cyber threat intelligence and research agency, brings them insights on the latest cyber threat trends and recent attacks, how it happens, so that they can be better prepared for the next wave of attacks.

Other than Fortinet’s very own panel, our Fortinet Fabric Ready partners, industry experts and local luminaries, will also be joining us to cover the impact of key economic and technology developments, practical strategies on minimising risks, mitigating threats, and managing liability and approaches to strengthening security posture of an organization.

2018 Fortinet 361° Security – Southeast Asia and Hong Kong Highlights


Our keynote speaker will share general perspective on global technology trends and how it is impacting / disrupting many traditional ‘brick and mortar’ businesses and industries, potentially putting them at risk of becoming obsolete. While many may have the intent or already embarked on Digital Transformation journey, it is imperative that security is an integral component of the Digital Transformation journey that the businesses adopt from the very onset and not as an afterthought.

Live Demonstration

Our Fortinet security experts will showcase a live demo on some of the latest cyber threats that are making the headlines, the detrimental impact that it will have on your business and recommendations on how you can better prevent, detect and mitigate these cyber threats from targeting and affecting your organization.

A CISO's Perspective

Our speaker will share insights on the approaches that as security executive should adopt to craft a security strategy that not only delivers the required security posture to protect your business and also the key considerations for the ongoing management and enhancement to keep pace with the sophisticated and evolving threat landscape.

Who Should Attend

This event is designed for engineers, professionals, consultants and department heads in the following functions:

IT, Security and Network • Information Security • Data Centres • Digital Officers • Data Officers • Auditors and Risk Management

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